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For Memory's Sake

You know I tried to be part of life

Tony Flow

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(the old) sheryl crow, adam sandler, aerosmith, afi, aladdin, alannis morisette, american apparel, american beauty, antique things, autumn, beauty and the beast, billy idol, billy joel, bob dylan, brandon lee, brownies, bruce springsteen, buffy the vampire slayer, busta rhymes, casper, celebrity deathmatch, charles manson, christina ricci, chumbawamba, coconut, coins, coldplay, coloring books, cootie catchers, courage the cowardly dog, crash bandicoot, crazy taxi, daria, david spade, del's lemonade, dreams, elton john, eminem, erwin wurm, estee lauder, eyes, final fantasy, flash forward, flip-flops, foo fighters, freestyle walking, french, garbage, gelattis, gerard depardieu, glitter, gorillaz, gran turismo, grand theft auto, grease, guns and roses, gwen stefani, hanson, happy bunny, harry potter, html, jimmi hendrix, joanna newsom, john cusack, john frusciante, john leguizamo, john malkovich, johnny cash, johnny depp, jon stewart, kevin spacey, kimonos, king of the hill, kingdom hearts, led zeppelin, linkin park, lisa frank, llamas, lo and the magnetics, makeup, marilyn manson, matisyahu, maxwell fleischer films, memoirs of a geisha, microsoft the cat, missy elliott, modest mouse, moon dreamers, muse, my little ponies, nicholas cage, nirvana, no doubt, paninis, peanut butter, peeling glue and sunburns, photography, pink, pirates of the caribbean, play-doh, poetry, pressed flowers, rain, rainbow brite, rasputina, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, ryan reyes, salvador dali, selena, smell of cigarettes, snow, spice girls, spyro the dragon, steve buscemi, tacos, the addams family, the beatles, the blues brothers, the cardigans, the cranberries, the crow, the eurythmics, the lion king, the little mermaid, the monkees, the real tuesday weld, the shins, the ussers, the wizard of oz, tlc, toy story, utada hikaru, vee speers, vh1, vitamin water, water, winnie the pooh, wringer, writing, yeah yeah yeahs